👋 Hi, I'm Drew

I help bring your ideas to life.

Through facilitation, technology, and art.


📫 drew@dhornbein.com

☎️ 773-270-3739
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See my soft vunerable artistic side and get to really know me over at dddrew.com​


Look at this nice thing someone said about me:

Drew has all kinds of skills and abilities. He builds communities. He creates art. He comes up with great ideas and writes prolifically. He makes computers do amazingly helpful things. But beyond all that—and every bit as important—is Drew's character. He is kind and diligent, honest and open. He's curious, patient, and enthusiastic; genuine and good-hearted. He shares knowledge and trusts people. He sees the possibilities, and he makes them happen. If you have a chance to connect with Drew, to collaborate with him, to learn from him, to hire him—you definitely should.”

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